How you will help the Association Continue

Dear Family: The address for sending in your annual association dues has changed. The amount of the annual dues of $25 per year remains the same. It has not been increased since the 1990’s. Because we are just a year from holding the reunion, it is MOST IMPORTANT that we have full participation in order to pay for the family website, for the cost of the mailing the Family Newsletters, for expressions of condolences, research endeavors, the Minnie Shumate Woodson Scholarships Fund and to assist the reunion host committee, if necessary.
The maintenance of our 210 year old family’s historical significance depends on the continued support of all family members. The treasurer reports that she has only received payments from 20 members since 2008 to the present.

The 2011 dues are NOW DUE. For those of you, who haven’t paid their dues for 2010 or any past years, please include those payments as well, if possible. Thank you in advance and mail the payment to:

Barbara M. Jones, TreasurerThe Thomas Woodson Family Association P. O. Box 10644Alexandria, Virginia 22310

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