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2004 Woodson Reunion Pictures

We have some wonderful candid and posed photos of the Woodson Family available. A two CD set of all Reunion Photos can be shipped to you. There are over 700 high-res photos from the 2004 Woodson Family Reunion. $35 includes shipping and handling. An order form is available in the latest Thomas Woodson Family Association Newsletter:

Summer 2004 Newsletter
You'll need Adobe Reader to view this newsletter.

What do the pictures look like?

This page includes a sample of small versions of the available photos. Full-size pictures are included on the CDs. Each full-size photo is a six (6) megapixel image... large enough for 11x17 prints, if you want to make them or send them to online photo printers like www.ofoto.com or www.snapfish.com.

Also, we have created a short sample slide show of some of the available pictures. This is a 1.5MB Quicktime movie. If you have DSL or a cable modem Internet connection, this shouldn't take too long to download. If you're dialing up over a modem, you might want to skip this brief movie. NOTE: This movie will take a few seconds to load.