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About This Site

Determining the progenitor of a family is akin to determining the largest number; there is always the plus one in math, or the progenitor’s parents in genealogy.  Following that to the extreme a family may go back to some obscure middle age serf or even Adam and Eve.  The Woodson’s, though, have chosen Thomas Corbin Woodson, the issue of a union of Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemings, as the first generation.  Although the Association was formally founded in 1984, the de facto founding of the Association was in 1805 when Thomas Corbin Woodson married Jemima Price. Thomas and Jemima had eleven children, and the nine family lines carry the names of those that had descendants, Lewis, George, Delilah, Jemima, Frances, Thomas, James, John, and William. Two of their daughters, Hannah and Sarah Jane, had no known descendants.

The family has documented hundreds of descendants of Thomas and Jemima and more are brought to our attention with each passing day.  We do not profess to know all there is to know of our family.  We do know that there are many outside the family who have knowledge of Woodson descendants or items of Woodson history that we are either unaware of or have not yet documented.  The Association is most grateful for the comments, documentation and other contributions received from non–Woodsons.   In this light you are invited to e-mail your comments or questions about the family to the Research Committee.  The administration regularly reviews the correspondence and, as deemed appropriate, vigorously pursues those issues and items, which best complement the family history and the Association objectives.

The Association appreciates your tolerance while this site is being developed.  Of course  “being developed” is an understatement.  Thomas and Jemima had eleven children, seventy grandchildren and, an approximate one thousand five hundred other descendants in the fourth through tenth generations.  Family research and your assistance uncover many others each year. To keep up with the dynamics of the family development imposed by these numbers this page is destined to a perpetual stage of “being developed.

Alan R. Jones

Thomas Woodson Family Association
Major Goals

(1) To promote and nurture a closer relationship among the descendants of Thomas and Jemima Woodson, and to serve as a platform for the enrichment of the Thomas and Jemima Woodson heritage for future generations of their descendants and for the benefit of the society at large.  

(2) To promote, stimulate, develop, enhance and further scientific and educational research and publications pertaining to the history and accomplishments of Thomas Woodson and Jemima Woodson and their ancestors and descendants.

We thank you for your patience. If you have any comments or questions about the family tree, there are many experts. Please start by mailing the Research Committee.