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Brown, CASSELLS, Cassels, Compain, Cooper, Fields, Jackson, Jones, Lee, Smith, Stewart, White, Woodson
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Genealogy from [Woodson 01-25-2013.ged]

25 April 2017 - 10:03:58pm

On This Day, in Your History...
FemaleAlyssa Joy Smith ‎(I961)‎
Birth - 25 April 1997 (20 year anniversary)
Columbus, OH

FemaleMelanie Faran Thompson ‎(I3655)‎
Birth - 25 April 1988 (29 year anniversary)

FemaleMaude E. White ‎(I1269)‎
Death - 25 April 1974 (43 year anniversary)
Newark, Licking, Ohio, United States of America

MaleJames Craig Etheridge ‎(I1160)‎
Birth - 25 April 1958 (59 year anniversary)
Charleroi, Pa

FemaleSharen Miller ‎(I731)‎
Event - 25 April 1953 (64 year anniversary)
Southampton, England

MaleMelvin La Gasca ‎(I3661)‎
Birth - 25 April 1947 (70 year anniversary)
Tacoma, Washington

FemaleJean Dawes Jefferson ‎(I1471)‎
Birth - 25 April 1937 (80 year anniversary)
Evanston, Illinois

FemaleJean Carolyn Hebrard ‎(I1075)‎
Birth - 25 April 1931 (86 year anniversary)
Opelousas, St Landry, Louisiana, United States

FemaleMary Balsamo ‎(I2416)‎
Birth - 25 April 1919 (98 year anniversary)
Ironspot, Ohio

MaleDavid Carter Moore ‎(I1578)‎
Birth - 25 April 1901 (116 year anniversary)
Natural Bridge, Rockbridge, Virginia, USA

MaleAaron Erastus White ‎(I4251)‎
Birth - 25 April 1880 (137 year anniversary)
Zanesville, Ohio